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 It's Definitely Time for a Change

In today's fast paced world, being a man is confusing, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. The pressures of being a high achiever, financially successful, balancing personal & family relationships, and dealing with difficult life transitions are just some of the issues we are not always prepared to handle. Many of the problems that we men face are not addressed because it is uncomfortable or difficult to find the right person who is trustworthy and can really help.








Welcome to Life Coaching for Men

A safe and confidential place where men (18 years and older) can address their personal and professional issues in a comfortable office setting at the Scottsdale Quarter, in the convenience of their own home, or remotely anywhere using phone/video. I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over 25 years of professional experience working with men of all ages through almost any conceivable life change. For more information about my experience, please click the tab "About Coach Ben" or if you want to contact me click tab "Contact Ben."



Reach your Full Potential!

I am passionate about working on your issues and take pride in supporting, motivating, and inspiring you to be the man you want to be! As a Coach, I am non-judgmental, provide objective support, and respect your confidentiality. All new clients participate in an extensive coaching assessment, set-up a personal plan with specific goals, learn coping skills, receive coaching assignments, and receive honest feedback from me throughout the process. I am professionally trained in challenging your negative thoughts/beliefs to help you overcome your mental obstacles, build your self-esteem, and achieve your goals. For more information about my services, please click the "Life Coaching" tab.








































It is important to first decide what help you need and then go through the process of choosing the right professional. This website was created to assist you in the process. I suggest that you review the information in the section "Coaching for Me" to help you determine if you need coaching or therapy/counseling. I am professionally trained, experienced, and credentialed in both modalities (Coaching & Therapy) and will provide you a free phone assessment to assist you in YOUR needs including providing referrals, if needed. If coaching is what you need, then check out my credentials, experience, and what other men are saying in the "About Coach Ben" and "Testimonial" tabs. If you need therapy service, please check out my counseling website for men at Please click "Contact Ben" if you would like to talk with me to see if I am the right fit for your needs. 

Balancing your work and personal life
Balancing your work and personal life

Creating a Balanced Life

What are your Goals?

                                               +Be happy & have fun again!                  +Improve relationships

                                               +Stress/Anger management                     +Get more organized 

                                               +Improving self-awareness                      +Deal with life transitions

                                               +Overcome blocks & fears                       +Be your own best friend

                                               +Setting up life/work goals                      +Parent-child solutions

                                               +Be a better dad/husband                         +Improve social life  

                                               +Deal with divorce/loss                           +Greater self-esteem

                                               +Decrease negative self-talk                    +Free from feeling "stuck"

                                               +Get motivated/career change                 +College & future plans

Selecting the Right Coach for you


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Ben Hedberg, Business Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor
2024 Best of Scottsdale Counselor and Life Coach
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