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The first step is to determine if you are experiencing a midlife crisis. You may feel the need to make a sudden or drastic change in your life. However, jumping off the “bandwagon” by changing your career, having an affair, or divorcing their wife may not solve the core of your unhappiness. Perhaps this is a wake-up call for you! It’s a time to wake up and realize there is more to life behind you then is in-front of you and it is time to face up to it. The fastest way for us to age is to dwell in the negative and become the miserable old man we never wanted to be.

Here are some ways to deal with your midlife crisis or boredom: 1) Face it – Accept Mortality and stop dwelling in it – It is time to Live Again!, 2) Spend time in Self-Reflection – Get help from a Life Coach or Counselor, 3) Set New Goals – Don’t wait for a crisis, 4) Try Marriage Therapy before you have an affair, 5) Do Something Different – New Hobby, Education, Volunteer, 6) Enhance your Mind, Body, and Spirit – Religion, Yoga, Exercise, or Meditation, 7) Explore Career options, 8) Live out your Bucket List - Travel, 9) Spend more time with Family and Loved ones. 10) Get Professional Help for depression 11) Get Involved: Meet-up Groups 12) Be your “Best Friend” – Have a Positive Attitude! It may feel like the end, but in time with some help and some effort your feelings of midlife existential futility will pass.

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