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“Sometimes we give so much, we end up losing ourselves” It is not always easy to be a man. To a larger degree than women, men are frequently taught as children to “bear troubles, suck it up, and move on.” Few men discuss their relationship problems with friends and family, unlike women. Instead, men internalize their pain and suffer in silence because showing a lot of emotion/feelings or asking for help is perceived by many as a weakness in a man. Feeling one thing and showing the world something different is a way of life for a codependent man.

Characteristics of a Codependent Man include: *Placing the needs and wants of others first to the exclusion of acknowledging one’s own needs *Difficulty expressing feelings to others *Worry about how others respond to one’s feelings and emotions *Inability to say “NO,” especially in relationships *Fear of being hurt and/or rejected by others *Self-esteem dependent on approval by others *Often feeling not good enough or that one does not measure up. This charade has a tendency to get old. When the pain to stay the same exceeds the pain to change, it is time to free yourself from the codependency!

Life Coaching for Men is a safe and confidential place where men can address their personal and professional issues in a comfortable office setting (Scottsdale, Arizona) or in the convenience of their own home from anywhere is the United States using phone/Skype.

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